Our Fundraiser with B.Good

We had our fundraiser with B.Good on Tuesday night in Boston, and it went great! We're so excited to have partnered with such an incredible company. If you haven't heard about B.Good, check them out. They have many locations across the East Coast, which is why we highly suggest eating at their restaurants and supporting them. Between their awesome food and incredible mission- B.Good is one of our favorite places!

Some lovely girls showed up to support M.I.N.T. and we loved talking to them about growing up and being strong women! Our team highly suggests parents start talking to their teens about social media + self-love at a young age, and these girls are following such a great path. It's so important to implement healthy ideas in children's minds the minute they are old enough to speak.

Thank you to everyone who showed up, and we're excited for the next upcoming M.I.N.T. talks happening in September!