Internet vs. Real Life

When we speak at a school, many people ask us if we think they should stop using social media altogether. Some of our technique may come across that way, but rarely do we ever suggest people stop using social media. For Steve and I, social media has helped grow our businesses drastically. Without the power of the Internet, we wouldn't be where we are today. We also wouldn't have our own experiences with social media and mental health.

Much of what you see on the web isn't real. From photoshopped images in magazines and media, to people altering their bodies using apps like FaceTune, how can you figure out what is real and what's not real nowadays? We try hard to show teens the difference between one of the pictures above compared to what they see on a magazine cover. The difference is shocking, and disappointing, for many young adults who are learning to love who they are. 

When you try to compare yourself to someone else, you simply stop yourself from accepting who you are. Instead of trying to look like a girl on a magazine cover, realize that that girl has her own struggles, too. Everyone has something- but you usually won't know what someone else is struggling with unless they tell you. 

Our suggestion? Use the Internet wisely, and don't get too obsessed with the image that you might feel like you have to portray.

Be yourself- you're always good enough.