How is M.I.N.T.?

The response from M.I.N.T. has been absolutely phenomenal. We are thrilled at how many people have reached out to us, written about M.I.N.T., or simply shared their thoughts on our initiative with us. Teens have the power to change the world, and through this platform, we hope to inspire and enable more teens to have access to resources that they didn't know were available.

What's the next step? We are actively pitching our program to schools everyday. We are working on a curriculum, for both students and faculty, that we will have implemented in schools. We are trying to take over the D.A.R.E. system, and we have no mixed feelings on saying that out loud. Why are teens only being taught about their mental health and wellbeing up until 10th grade? Don't you think that students need to be talked to about their bodies for their entire life?

An education-based program is difficult. We are fighting the school systems, both public and private, as well as the denial that is associated with teens and their bodies. We firmly believe that by speaking to teens about their growing bodies and their cell phones as young as possible, that we will be able to slowly enforce new ideas into their brains. We aren't trying to showcase the Internet as a "bad" thing, we are simply trying to control and monitor how teens relate the Internet to their real life.

Along with pitching and starting a curriculum, we are still doing it all on our own. To apply to be an official nonprofit, we have to pay about $1,870. With no current funding or assistance, it's a battle for our team to give 100% of our time to this project without becoming financially stressed.

We'd love to see if you have any ideas. Know anyone with funding ideas? Email or tweet us. Maybe you are a funder for education projects yourself, and see a need for M.I.N.T. to be in every school. If so, welcome! We just want your help, and we want it now.

Send your ideas to the email on our contact page, and let's continue to revolutionize the way teens look at themselves.