The Power of Questions

Did you find this through a social media app or website? Great, happy to hear. Hope you enjoy this blog.

We love social media at M.I.N.T. and we will never deny it. We want people to use it but we concentrate on the effects it may have on you, particularly teens, on your health in general. It CAN change the way you see yourself, as well as others, cause some conflict, and be difficult to navigate.

So why even bother with social media? Because social media is awesome! You can connect with others you may have lost touch with otherwise and it has many resources we could use for different things and make us realize that we all have a voice on social issues. We can also rally people to a cause, you can also develop a business.

I think the biggest issue is that we feel that it can be used as a platform to say anything we want. While not popular as a view, I sincerely believe we have to be responsible about our use, using language that is appropriate, as well as making sure we respect others point of view.

We can talk about how social media is a teenager/young adult thing and they need to learn to communicate appropriately but in my experience, it is the adults that need to communicate better. When you disagree with whatever, destroying the character of the person will not helps you nor does it enhance the conversation.

As a therapist, I have learned to be curious about what a person means when they say something. I wonder why we don't do the same thing on social media. For example, asking what a person means when it seems like a statement is really off. Asking questions, why they feel like that, is so key for better communication. It is also your responsibility.

And let's not forget one thing, while emojis can be helpful, there is no tone or intonation on social media messages. It does not let you know the feeling behind the statement. So it may be helpful to ask more questions. 

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It's important to remember that what you see online isn't always real life, and that it's important to talk about your feelings!