How Body Shaming Hurts Everyone

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What people don't know about Steve and Alexa is that they have both had their fair share of hardship. Part of the reason they decided to team up and create M.I.N.T. was because of their own personal struggles. 

It's important to bring awareness to actions like the power of words and body-shaming. As you seen in '13 Reasons Why' something as minor as words can really hurt someone. Body-shaming is just as bad as physically harming someone, and occasionally, worse. Young adults are learning who they are on their own terms, and harming them with negative words makes it harder for them to find out who they are. The next time you are thinking of putting someone down, you should think again. 

If you ever put someone down behind a computer screen, you don't know the repercussions and how they might react. It is better to avoid mean words at all instead of using the Internet to get a point across.

Talking to teens about their bodies is a very sensitive subject, and made even harder if they have body image issues. We advise not talking to your teens about their body in a negative way, and if you have concerns, bring it up to their doctor. There is no harm in talking to a young adult about their body, but doing it negatively can have a lasting impact that can severely hurt them.